Consulting Services


We can help you take your public-facing project from conception through planning, design, construction, and management, or work with you at any stage along the way.


Public Space Activation

We create and execute programming and activation plans for indoor and outdoor public spaces, and bring new life to under-performing destinations. We also fix and update placemaking programs for parks, plazas, mixed-use real estate developments, and entertainment districts.

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Market Analysis

Public destinations succeed when they respond to unmet demands and fill programmatic gaps. We use quantitative analysis, field observation, and stakeholder and community engagement to create strategies to attract visitors and generate revenue—in the present and the future.

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Operations and Business Planning

We help our clients build multiyear maturity models for their projects that act as a road map as it develops and grows, so surprises in revenues and expenses don’t throw plans off course. We create staffing plans and budgets that can be integrated into our clients’ existing management practices.


Structuring Partnerships

We structure and negotiate partnerships on behalf of our clients, whether those are public-private, intergovernmental, or private development partnerships. We understand the key issues in developing and managing real estate and public destinations because we have first-hand experience.

Strategic Planning

We help our clients revitalize entire downtowns and neighborhoods in a way that is financially sustainable. We create long-term plans that leverage placemaking and maintain flexibility in changing market conditions.

Funding Solutions

Whether it’s paying for ongoing programs or operations, funding new initiatives, or figuring out creative financing tools to get a project built, we combine urban planning and real estate development and management techniques to turn plans into reality.