Opportunistic urban development requires innovative foresight, strategic planning, and flexible execution to create optimal environments.

Agora Partners is a real estate consulting, investment, and development firm specializing in using placemaking to create value-add opportunities in urban environments. Merging the often disparate skill sets of urban planning and real estate development, Agora Partners employs entrepreneurial planning techniques to improve and enhance public and private environments.

Working throughout the country, Agora Partners employs creative real estate tools and techniques to leverage neighborhood improvement strategies, unlock value and improve local quality of life. Through public/private partnerships, opportunistic management techniques, and placemaking strategies, Agora Partners executes downtown and neighborhood turnarounds to increase business viability, livability, sustainability, and economic and social resilience.

Agora Partners provides solutions for challenging planning and real estate scenarios by engaging stakeholders, fixing underperforming or inefficient management structures, identifying unique opportunities to generate revenue, and by employing strategies to unlock public/private partnerships.

Agora Partners is proficient in assessing development opportunities across product types and scales in order to capitalize on this entrepreneurial planning. Agora Partners provides solutions for distressed assets, restrictive entitlements and other challenging real estate scenarios through implementation and alternative investment strategies.

Agora Partners focuses on increasing value through improved land use efficiency, urban design enhancements and optimizing density. Professional skill-sets also include structuring effective and equitable partnerships, identifying and mitigating deal risks and effectively managing the entitlements process. Agora Partners acts as both principal and advisor, partnering and working with public agencies and municipalities, foundations, developers, private landowners, private equity funds, family offices, commercial and investment banks, and philanthropic trusts.